Why Tradition Air?

  1. We have been providing air conditioning contract services for over 40 years now .we install air conditioners and heating system in Winter Haven, FL  which has helped in gaining trust from our customers due to our professional services which are done to our customer’s satisfaction. Through the experience we have had we can easily estimate how much it will take you to have a complete and a great system which will serve you for a long period.
  2. We put your comfort first and that’s why we respect your needs by offering high HVAC quality products and joining them making your home comfortable as it is based on your personal needs. We make it easier for our customers by sending our technicians to measure your home so that they come up with an estimate of the appropriate system for your home, the system that we provide for our customers is that which suits all your needs, providing you all the comfort all the time also considerably lowering electricity usage.
  3. We also have all the required skills and personnel to install central air, air conditioner, furnaces and heating systems. If you are looking for that person to install all the above mentioned, then try our services as we are the best. We have all your needs catered for, thus there is no need for you to worry about air installation contact us for the best results.


For the best conditioning systems to bring all the comfort to your home we deliver all varieties of durable equipment for the installation of heating and cooling systems. We have a hundred years of experience and counting in the provision of reliable products to our customers. If you are looking for the best reliable heating and cooling systems contact us.


Air conditioners

They are used to keep the house cool and comfortable during those hot and humid day and still remain energy efficient. Its brands vary with one’s needs.



They are built to provide warmth throughout the house by spreading the heat to all the rooms thus the whole house remains comfortable. They are efficient and help save energy. They can be powered by either oil, gas or electricity.


Heat pumps

These are systems that can either cool or warm your home depending on the temperatures. They are quietly efficient and effective. Due to their reversibility, they are heat solutions for all seasons, the summer the winter they will function accordingly. Their brands vary between different manufacturers.



They are effective in heating and cooling systems that are appropriate for additional rooms, rooms built after the main house where installing a whole system is uneconomical they are flexible and efficient.


Packaged units

These are appropriate heating and cooling systems for houses built on a limited space where not enough space is left for installation of pipes thus are installed outside. There are of high efficiency and brands vary from one manufacturer to the other.



We encourage that you commit yourself to an annual maintenance program for your air conditioner, this way you are assured of a comfortable home at all times without unexpected breakdowns. During the maintenance, our technician will make sure that the system is running as it is supposed to. With this annual maintenance you will benefit from; temperatures that are consistent, more comfort, more efficiency and lower costs.


In case the air conditioner is not working in Winter Haven if you are comfortable working on wires and electric equipment you can check out following before calling for a technician;


  • The filter should not be clogged, ensure it is clean
  • Check for a blown fuse, this would mean a problem in the condensing unit
  • Check in the access panel for any problem with the wires
  • Replace capacitors as they degrade gradually