Who Has The Best Emergency Air Conditioning Service Near Me?

Who Has The Best Emergency Air Conditioning Service Near Me?

During the unbearably hot summers, we put our trust on air conditioners. Unfortunately, they can ditch us on a hot summer afternoon. What should you do when this happens? You obviously can’t bear the heat, so you need to find the best emergency air conditioning services near you.

If you live in Winter Haven FL, contact Tradition Central Air, Inc for all your emergency air conditioning needs. Our cooling experts are trained on offering quality services and are on call 24/7 to serve all Winter Haven FL residents. We proudly serve as the best and most reliable HVAC Company in the region. You can contact us online.

24-hour emergency AC repair in Winter Haven FL

We have highly talented and experienced staff at Tradition Central Air. Our staff members pay close attention to the quality of their work and timely delivery. Whatever the time you want someone to fix the air conditioning; we are on call and more than willing to make your house cool again. Our skilled experts will arrive at your home any day and any hour.

We offer these air conditioning services:

One of the best things about our company is that our services are consistently top notch. Unlike many of the service providers in the industry, we never stand our customers; whenever they call upon our assistance we show up. Some of the outstanding services you can expect from us include:

  • Ductless and mini-split system replacement or repair
  • We provide high-quality AC repair services at competitive rates
  • We maintain thermostats and controls as well as cooling compressors on a regular basis
  • We offer highly satisfying installation and repair services of the swamp or evaporative cooling systems
  • We maintain and repair condensers, evaporator coils, handlers and various other components within your AC systems

Signs you require emergency air conditioning services

You cannot imagine having a broken AC on a hot summer afternoon. That is why you need to get AC repair services whenever you notice a problem in the system. That way, you will avoid last minute disappointments and you won’t have to stay in a hot house. Here are some of the various warning signs that you should look out for:

  1. Inadequate Cooling

If you just cleaned your AC ducts or your filter yet your AC has some blocked air flow, then you should call in cooling experts from Tradition Central Air, Inc in Winter Haven FL.

  1. Strange Noises

Air conditioners are usually silent. Therefore, when your system starts making noises, then it is an indication that some trouble is brewing. It could be a sign that one of the components in the AC is broken.

  1. Ice Formation

If you notice ice forming on the evaporator coil, this is a sure sign that something is wrong in the system. Therefore, call in a skilled expert immediately.

  1. Bad Odor

If you notice a foul smell coming from the AC system, turn off the system immediately and contact our skilled experts to fix the issue.

How to avoid emergency visits

Let’s face it; nobody likes the last minute disappointments of having to call in a repair technician. That is why you should make sure your system is well maintained to avoid such inconveniences. Another thing that can help you avoid such problems is ensuring you change the filters regularly. Additionally, it pays to have your AC fixed the instance you notice an issue; instead of waiting for the problem to escalate.

Hire one of our professional AC repair contractors

If you notice any discrepancies within the usual functioning of your AC, you ought to seek professional help. We offer high-quality AC repair services and provide after services too. You can be guaranteed that our highly trained and qualified technicians will give you the services you desire. We pride in being one of the leading AC service providers in Winter Haven FL.

Local Air Conditioning Company near me

Everyone in Winter Haven FL can benefit from our high-quality services. Our company is proud to represent itself as one of the best HVAC Company in the region. We believe that clients want nothing but the best services and we are dedicated to giving them just that. Contact us now to learn more about our emergency air conditioning services and many other services.

Air Conditioner Warranties Winter Haven Florida

Do New Air Conditioners Have Warranties?

Many homes in the U.S have installed air conditioners to maintain cool temperatures. Air conditioners in the States are necessary for comfort and good health. As a result, it is troubling when an air conditioner unit fails. It is usual that air conditioners fail at the peak of summer heat. This is the time as a homeowner I will need air conditioners the most. If staying in Winter Haven Florida, I would need a cooling repair in Winter Haven, FL service. However, circumstances might limit us from repairing the conditioners. Fortunately, the new air conditioners have warranties. The warranty coverage can help in avoiding major troubles when an air conditioner unit fails. Home warranty assists in times of financial crisis and enables a homeowner to recover his comfort.

Additionally, a home warranty covers repair and replacement of air conditioner appliances. Insurance companies typically include air conditioners in the home warranty coverage. Nevertheless, some insurance firms require separate contracts for the conditioning units. Homes can enjoy cooling system repair in Winter Haven, FL services from experienced firms that serve the region. As a homeowner, I can enjoy air conditioning services if I register with a choice home warranty that covers home conditioning. The terms of the cover explain that the warranty is only applicable when the unit has been properly maintained. A choice home warranty covers the air conditioner components. It is essential to ensure that the warranty company is ready to offer the service during summer.

Manufacturer Warranties

Manufacturers of new air conditioners have introduced the warranty element in their systems. The length of warranty differs among manufacturers. Most warranties range from 5 to 15 years. A warranty on your air conditioner is a great security against manufacturing defects. However, cooling repair in Winter Haven, FL is a common service offered by air conditioning technicians. Most manufacturing companies use the warranty as a marketing tool for their products.

Ordinarily, long warranty depicts good sales of a certain unit. As a homeowner, we should rely on an expert to advise on the best item to choose. Cooling repairs in Winter Haven, FL is done by experienced contractors who have experience in handling conditioning units. Experts understand the best unit for our homes. Home warranty covers failed components like evaporator coil, compressor, blower motor and fan motor. Traditional Central Air, Inc. offers quality services in Winter Haven, FL. The company is fully licensed air conditioning contractor to offer cooling services for commercial and residential customers around Winter Haven, FL. Forty years of experience have made the company establish strong grounds and profile in air conditioning business. It is appropriate to choose Traditional Central Inc. for quality services. Our company works best for the customers with air conditioning warranty. Our service technicians evaluate client’s ductwork, airflow distribution, and the system location.

Maintenance Needed

A/C Units in Winter Haven require frequent maintenance. As a result, cooling temperature repair in Winter Haven, FL is essential to ensure appropriate house condition. It is recommendable that every new customer buys the new air conditioners that have warranty extending up to 10 years. The system will be relatively highly sold but it will be worthy of buying. The warranty will cover most of the system components and maintenance services required. Call us today and ask our experts for more information!


Why Is My A/C Freezing Up? Lakeland Florida

Freezing Air Conditioner

Freezing Air Conditioner

Why is my a/c freezing up?

Tradition Central Air of Winter Haven Florida So, when we need that gust of artificially cooling breeze on a hot summer day, we press a button and there it is. Unbeknownst to us, there are times when the AC just freezes up. Unfortunately, these are times when we need it to work the most. No matter what you do it just doesn’t work. Not even if you manage to throw Thor’s hammer at it. Have you ever wondered why this happens?

Why Should You Go for Cooling Repair?

Wondering whether it is time to go in for A/C Repair Winter Haven?  There are two culprits that can ruin your already hot and sweaty day for you. The air filter, and the liquid refrigerant.

  1. Clogged air filter

That’s right. Even if you live in the best, cleanest city in the world, there are dust particles just waiting to cling to that air filter. When enough of them manage to stick on, the air filter gets clogged. And then you AC is unable to extract air from the room. Unless your AC has an automatic shut-off mechanism, it will feel as if the AC still works. But you will feel a noticeable difference in the volume of air.

It will be much less, and the operation of the compressor will be intermittent, almost as if it is choking.

  1. Refrigerant leak: -

We haven’t reached the age of nuclear powered air conditioners yet. So, we have to make do with a traditional cooling method of using a Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC). Think of it like the petrol or a diesel of an internal combustion engine. Without proper maintenance of the refrigerant pipes, there are chances of them developing cracks and spots. When these spread and break through the thickness, which is very thin for a home-owned A/C, the CFC begins to leak. And what happens when your car runs out of fuel? Exactly.

The same thing happens when your A/C runs out of CFC. It stops working. The key to having your A/C blow nice, cool air continuously is regular maintenance. You can probably take out the air filter and clean it out yourself. But what can you do about your refrigerant leak? Perhaps you might contact professionals from an HVAC company and top up your refrigerant. How long do you think it will last? And do you think they will seal off the cracks or breaks? The key is to look for the right cooling repair in Winter Haven, FL. You would be able to not just repair your A/C but ensure that you keep it running well with preventive maintenance each season.

How Can We Help You?

Instead, you can contact us at Tradition Central Air. Our people put your needs first. We provide accurate diagnostics and suggest appropriate solutions too. Contact us today for a diagnosis and we will ensure that you have your A/C working just as it should!

Why Lakeland FL Chooses Tradition Central Air | HVAC Services

Air Conditioning Repair, Service, Installation, Maintenance Lakeland FL

Why Lakeland FL Chooses Tradition Air

We are fully licensed to carry out installations, maintenance, and repair of air conditioners. We offer services to both residential and commercial customers especially those located in Winter Haven, Florida serving Lakeland, FL, and other surrounding areas. Our services are rated among the best since we have mastered that approach to meeting the air conditioning and heating needs of our esteemed clients. Since we started our operations, we have managed to lay a solid foundation through which we extend services to our customers. Our operations platform is flexible and straightforward since it allows our clients to choose the type of air conditioning they want. We are also focused on adhering to all the specifications given by our customers.

When it comes to trust we have managed to create a good reputation since we are open to our customers. For instance, our costing team can undoubtedly provide you with a free estimation of a complete system. Before a free estimate is provided this team typically takes time to evaluate all your ductwork, system location as well as airflow distribution. This team also takes into consideration all your air conditioning needs before coming up with the final estimate.

Eventually, this team will give you a complete breakdown of all the costs that will be used either in installing the new system, maintain it or make any repairs. The manner in which the system is installed makes it easier for anyone to change it. We are also conscious when it comes to electricity consumption. That is why we endeavor to provide you with a system that is capable of lowering your electric bill as well as presiding you with all-around comfort in your home.

Experience Value First Hand

To facilitate the delivery of service to our clients, we have grouped our services into three broad categories. The first category belongs to the residential air conditioning. Here, we have new Air conditioners that are available in variable-speed. Most residential air conditioners are most preferred since they operate similarly to a vacuum with a 19+ efficiency rating. These conditioners are installed in such a way that makes it easier for them to be controlled from anywhere. We also have the preferred trademark series air conditioners which are reliable and also ensures that you enjoy the whole home-comfort. To achieve this, these conditioners are uniquely designed to operate consistently and quietly.

Business or Commercial Needs?

The other division we have is called commercial and industrial. Here, we usually deal with the preferred rooftop series. Under this category, there are both single stage and multistage heating and cooling models. These models are durable and affordable which is the reason they are typically in high demand. Besides, these models are packed in such a way that makes it easier for them to pack a powerful heating and a cooling punch. When doing installations, we usually recommend for you to use a legacy backed by warranty line since it is widely recognized for both cooling and heating purposes. On the other hand, the legacy trademark comes with single and multi-stage comfort. These features make it easier for these systems meet all your building applications.

Moreover, we focused on indoor air quality since we have the best air conditioners which can improve the quality of air inside. This process is made possible since we have humidifiers that help to control air moisture. They are also equipped with ventilators that bring fresh air into your home. The presence of ultraviolet lamps also helps to keep the coils cleaner as well as detecting the levels of Carbon monoxide in your home

Let's get started! Call Us Today!


Air Conditioning Repair, Service, Installation, Maintenance Winter Haven FL

Why Tradition Air?

  1. We have been providing air conditioning contract services for over 40 years now .we install air conditioners and heating system in Winter Haven, FL  which has helped in gaining trust from our customers due to our professional services which are done to our customer’s satisfaction. Through the experience we have had we can easily estimate how much it will take you to have a complete and a great system which will serve you for a long period.
  2. We put your comfort first and that’s why we respect your needs by offering high HVAC quality products and joining them making your home comfortable as it is based on your personal needs. We make it easier for our customers by sending our technicians to measure your home so that they come up with an estimate of the appropriate system for your home, the system that we provide for our customers is that which suits all your needs, providing you all the comfort all the time also considerably lowering electricity usage.
  3. We also have all the required skills and personnel to install central air, air conditioner, furnaces and heating systems. If you are looking for that person to install all the above mentioned, then try our services as we are the best. We have all your needs catered for, thus there is no need for you to worry about air installation contact us for the best results.


For the best conditioning systems to bring all the comfort to your home we deliver all varieties of durable equipment for the installation of heating and cooling systems. We have a hundred years of experience and counting in the provision of reliable products to our customers. If you are looking for the best reliable heating and cooling systems contact us.


Air conditioners

They are used to keep the house cool and comfortable during those hot and humid day and still remain energy efficient. Its brands vary with one's needs.



They are built to provide warmth throughout the house by spreading the heat to all the rooms thus the whole house remains comfortable. They are efficient and help save energy. They can be powered by either oil, gas or electricity.


Heat pumps

These are systems that can either cool or warm your home depending on the temperatures. They are quietly efficient and effective. Due to their reversibility, they are heat solutions for all seasons, the summer the winter they will function accordingly. Their brands vary between different manufacturers.



They are effective in heating and cooling systems that are appropriate for additional rooms, rooms built after the main house where installing a whole system is uneconomical they are flexible and efficient.


Packaged units

These are appropriate heating and cooling systems for houses built on a limited space where not enough space is left for installation of pipes thus are installed outside. There are of high efficiency and brands vary from one manufacturer to the other.



We encourage that you commit yourself to an annual maintenance program for your air conditioner, this way you are assured of a comfortable home at all times without unexpected breakdowns. During the maintenance, our technician will make sure that the system is running as it is supposed to. With this annual maintenance you will benefit from; temperatures that are consistent, more comfort, more efficiency and lower costs.


In case the air conditioner is not working in Winter Haven if you are comfortable working on wires and electric equipment you can check out following before calling for a technician;


  • The filter should not be clogged, ensure it is clean
  • Check for a blown fuse, this would mean a problem in the condensing unit
  • Check in the access panel for any problem with the wires
  • Replace capacitors as they degrade gradually