Have you installed a new HVAC unit recently? If so, the installation company may have offered you an HVAC service contract.

How do these contracts work? Simple: for a set price, the company will inspect and maintain your unit for the duration of the contract. These services help you ensure that your system is working at its optimum capacity.

Of course, not every HVAC unit will need this kind of service. Not sure whether an AC service contract will provide value for your money? To help you make up your mind, here is a list of the important pros and cons you should consider.

The Cons

Let’s get the negatives out of the way right off the bat.

Potential Costs

The first is the obvious downside: potential costs.

In some situations, the cost of the contract can exceed the cost of services you’re receiving. This is not unusual in the HVAC industry. Depending on where you look, one-year coverage can range from $100 to more than $300.

The good news is that it doesn’t take a lot to avoid these situations. Before signing on the dotted line, go through the services rendered under the terms of the contract. If the numbers seem too high, start looking elsewhere.

Long-Term Commitment

As you may know, most HVAC contracts last for at least a year. Once you sign a contract with an HVAC company, you’re committing yourself to their terms.

In some cases, this can be a setback. For example, you may find a company that’s offering a cheaper rate while you’re already locked into a contract. Similarly, you may realize that your company has a shady reputation in the industry.

The solution — as always — is to do your research. If you’re signing a long-term HVAC maintenance contract, you’ll want to cover your bases.

The Pros

There are a lot of positives, however, let’s take a look!

Peace of Mind

Of course, committing to a contract doesn’t have to be a bad thing. If you’re happy with the terms of the arrangement, this method comes with many benefits.

For instance, you’ll always know how much the planned services will cost. As long as you’re under contract, you won’t have to worry about surprise price increases.

Why is that? Well, an HVAC maintenance plan will typically revolve around a yearly fee instead of appointment prices. You’ll always pay the amount you’ve agreed upon, even if the prices rise dramatically.

Timely Service

Another major upside of air conditioning maintenance contracts is that you’re more likely to have your unit serviced.

The logic is simple enough. If you’re already paying an annual fee, you may as well service your system on a regular basis. Without a contract, you’re more likely to put off maintenance until it’s too late.

This should go without saying, but maintaining your HVAC unit is very important. Other than preventing major problems, routine maintenance increases the lifespan of the system.

More on Getting an HVAC Service Contract

So, should you get an HVAC service contract? As far as we’re concerned, the answer is yes — as long as you know what you’re getting into. Remember, proper research is key to making an educated decision.

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