Why Lakeland FL Chooses Tradition Air

We are fully licensed to carry out installations, maintenance, and repair of air conditioners. We offer services to both residential and commercial customers especially those located in Winter Haven, Florida serving Lakeland, FL, and other surrounding areas. Our services are rated among the best since we have mastered that approach to meeting the air conditioning and heating needs of our esteemed clients. Since we started our operations, we have managed to lay a solid foundation through which we extend services to our customers. Our operations platform is flexible and straightforward since it allows our clients to choose the type of air conditioning they want. We are also focused on adhering to all the specifications given by our customers.

When it comes to trust we have managed to create a good reputation since we are open to our customers. For instance, our costing team can undoubtedly provide you with a free estimation of a complete system. Before a free estimate is provided this team typically takes time to evaluate all your ductwork, system location as well as airflow distribution. This team also takes into consideration all your air conditioning needs before coming up with the final estimate.

Eventually, this team will give you a complete breakdown of all the costs that will be used either in installing the new system, maintain it or make any repairs. The manner in which the system is installed makes it easier for anyone to change it. We are also conscious when it comes to electricity consumption. That is why we endeavor to provide you with a system that is capable of lowering your electric bill as well as presiding you with all-around comfort in your home.

Experience Value First Hand

To facilitate the delivery of service to our clients, we have grouped our services into three broad categories. The first category belongs to the residential air conditioning. Here, we have new Air conditioners that are available in variable-speed. Most residential air conditioners are most preferred since they operate similarly to a vacuum with a 19+ efficiency rating. These conditioners are installed in such a way that makes it easier for them to be controlled from anywhere. We also have the preferred trademark series air conditioners which are reliable and also ensures that you enjoy the whole home-comfort. To achieve this, these conditioners are uniquely designed to operate consistently and quietly.

Business or Commercial Needs?

The other division we have is called commercial and industrial. Here, we usually deal with the preferred rooftop series. Under this category, there are both single stage and multistage heating and cooling models. These models are durable and affordable which is the reason they are typically in high demand. Besides, these models are packed in such a way that makes it easier for them to pack a powerful heating and a cooling punch. When doing installations, we usually recommend for you to use a legacy backed by warranty line since it is widely recognized for both cooling and heating purposes. On the other hand, the legacy trademark comes with single and multi-stage comfort. These features make it easier for these systems meet all your building applications.

Moreover, we focused on indoor air quality since we have the best air conditioners which can improve the quality of air inside. This process is made possible since we have humidifiers that help to control air moisture. They are also equipped with ventilators that bring fresh air into your home. The presence of ultraviolet lamps also helps to keep the coils cleaner as well as detecting the levels of Carbon monoxide in your home

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