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Geothermal heating and cooling is not only one of the most environmentally-responsible means of temperature control but provides exceptional comfort, cost-savings, safety, and air quality. There’s no greenhouse gasses, carbon monoxide, fumes, or dangerously hot surfaces. Despite the considerable initial investment, geothermal technology adds up to savings in your pocket. Achieving 400% efficiency ratings, creating four units of energy for every unit of electricity drawn, this innovative process minimizes running costs.

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Offering a savings of up to 70% on utility bills, geothermal systems continue to gain popularity across Winter Haven, FL and the surrounding areas. Are you ready to take advantage of the renewable and free energy source located right in your own backyard? Tradition Central Air, Inc. designs a system to perfectly resolve your needs and ensure ideal year-round comfort. Our focus is always top quality customer service. Along with a smooth, professional, and rewarding process, we only recommend proven exceptional equipment.

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